Whiskey Cake

Whiskey Cake is one of those places that never gets old. The food is outstanding and lets face it, the Whiskey Cake alone is worth the trip!   Fresh Ingredients Whiskey Cake doesn't believe in using frozen ingredients and only serves the freshest ingredients available. They make their meals homemade and from scratch. Believing in shopping local for their ingredients, they have a farm to table style of cooking. The bartender even hand makes their whiskey cocktails and elixirs with fresh ingredients.   Atmosphere & Food They have an everyday tavern style atmosphere where you can enjoy quality food that

Pizza Day

In honor of the upcoming Pizza Day, here’s a list of the best pizza places in Clear Lake.   Center Court Pizza This is a local hotspot we visit often. They have some of the best pizza's around the League City area. The crust has the perfect amount of garlic and butter and the perfect thickness. They pile the toppings on and every bite is awesome. While they have plenty of other food options, we're a pizza fan. You can enjoy a nice cocktail as well as watch any game that's on the number of TV's throughout the restaurant. Russo's

Hubcap Grill

Hubcap Grill, named "Best burger in Houston" is a family friendly restaurant that recently opened up their new location in Seabrook TX. The atmosphere and fresh ingredients made it easily one of my favorites. Hubcap Grill is definitely one of the best burger restaurants in the Seabrook area.   Quality Ingredients At Hubcap Grill, they pride themselves in fresh ingredients and never use anything frozen! It takes a little longer for the order to hit the table as it's made fresh and the chef even hand cuts the fries. Their specialty handcrafted burgers are jam packed with flavor and you

T-Bone Tom’s

T-Bone Tom's is one of those places that's been around for as long as I can remember. The food and atmosphere are the reason why it's been around so long. T-Bone Tom's Atmosphere I remember as a teenager, my best friend and I would meet her dad at T-Bone Tom's for lunch when he was in town. We always knew when he was here, we'd meet up there. It's one of those places that takes you back and you remember it like it was yesterday. They have plenty of options for seating. You can sit at the bar top, in the

Clear Lakes Best Brunches

Clear Lakes Best Brunches that I've visited so far. There's nothing better than a big brunch with our family and friends.   First Watch One of Clear Lakes Best Brunches has to be at First Watch. We've been there multiple time and their food is always so fresh and delicious. They also have juices that are jam packed with healthy fruits and vegetables and taste amazing. There's literally something for everyone there and even my son, whos the pickiest eater, can find plenty of options to eat. Eat dish is made fresh and always a winner in our house. Red Oak



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