Cool Cow Creamery

Cool Cow Creamery is the place to be on a hot Texas day. Located in Kemah, TX. it's the best place to get an ice cream treat in town. They have the creamiest texture and out of the box flavors. In addition to ice cream, they also have shakes,pies and ice cream sandwiches too.   Cool Cow Creamery Flavors If you are looking for dynamite flavors, Cool Cow Creamery won't disappoint. They have something for the entire family. I always struggle each time I go as there is so many amazing flavors, it's just too hard to decide. The "Mint2be

Zoes Kitchen, Fresh Mediterranean Food

Looking for somewhere that has fresh food, healthy and you don't completely ruin your diet? Zoes Kitchen is the place to go. This Mediterranean kitchen offers made from scratch dishes that will leave you with a full belly,without the guilt. I love the variety of food they offer! Zoes Kitchen Restaurants If you're lucky, you can find one of these chain restaurants in your area. They have multiple locations. 203 to be exact throughout 17 states with no stop in sight for more. They offer a casual dining experience with fast service. You can also order online or through an

Red River BBQ and Grill

Red River BBQ is a great local hotspot in the heart of League City TX. This place has been around for years and you just can't go wrong with it. They have the BEST BBQ sauce too which makes it one of my favorites.   Red River BBQ Sauce I've been to so many places and the sauce can kill the entire plate of food, but Red River BBQ has this part mastered! It has the perfect combination of sweet and tangy and the ingredients they use are the perfect marriage. They don't overkill it with vinegar either, which I

Sloppy Nick’s Sandwich Deli

This local dive is definitely a place you should be visiting often! Although, it won't help the waist line or be acceptable on any diet, it's worth the splurge. The unique sandwich menu and "old school" vibe it gives off is the perfect place to unwind after a long day. They even serve wine and local beer. The out of the box menu is perfect for mixing things up. The Sloppy Nick Sandwich Let's get to my all time favorite menu item.... it's hands down my go-to... the Sloppy Nick Sandwich. It's on ciabatta bread with Boars Head Deli meat,

Restaurants Craft 96 Drought Kitchen

Craft 96 restaurants are the perfect local hot spot for an evening out with great food. In addition to the amazing food and drinks, you can catch the latest games on the various TV's throughout. It's usually a full house, but definitely worth the wait. Craft 96 Drought House Kitchen The Restaurants Atmosphere Had a long day at work and looking for chill restaurants to relax and unwind? Craft 96 is the perfect place to sit back, watch the games, have a drink and fill up your belly after a long day at the office. There's multiple TV's throughout



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